Over now


I put my Starbuck’s coffee in the microwave this morning.  Innocent enough.  I wanted the taste of a Skinny Mocha Day Two. I began thinking as I set the reheat time and it appeared on the screen in near neon green in front of me.  Innocent again.  Then the time started to count down on the microwave’s timer.  As I saw that time count down in front of me on the microwave screen, my mind drifted a moment to another place and time.  I thought of a breakfast bakery item I had put in the microwave almost five years ago, on a morning that was to be my day, Mother’s Day 2014.  That morning I never saw the timer expire.  I was distracted that morning by a ring at our doorbell that drew me into the foyer hallway, to words I could not imagine I would have heard, and holding my son, Nick, as he descended the stairs into my arms asking what was happening… realizing another son I would never be holding again.  Tearless then.  Over now, no.  #muchlovetosam