U.S. NBOMe deaths have declined since Sam's death.  In it's place new, new synthetic drug formulas have taken the place of NBOMe.  Mistaken use of synthetic substances are taking a generation of young people just like Sam.  One dose of a synthetic substance can prove deadly based on compounds.  25I-NBOMe (Smiles) is what Sam died from.  He thought he was experimenting with Acid that would go quickly through his system and be undetected by any random drug test that he was subject to as a high school athlete.  Synthetic drugs are targeted at unknowing young people and sold in varying forms and nicknames.  Synthetic drug compounds are always dangerous and even though they are illegal in most states, their compounds are always evolving in order to evade detection. 

Indianapolis, IN - Sam Motsay's mother, Jeanine, presents on the devastation of NBOMe, Johnson County Sheriff's Forum (August 5, 2014).

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