NIDA Scientist, Dr. Michael Baumann gives a brief description on "Bath Salts" and highlights the NIDA website for more information. This video can also be viewed at: Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy:
I overdosed on what the hospital thinks was Bath Salts. I overdosed 10/9 and spent four days in the hospital and wasn’t even lucid until 10/12; one of the craziest stories ever with videos and such to prove a point. But even friends of mine don’t know the dangers of N-Bombs and don’t know that Bath Salts are being sold as Molly. I’ve tried to get them to realize and even showed them what had happened to me. People just don’t know the dangers out there. And most people selling don’t know what they are selling. I’m trying to find any and all sources to help kids these days and was shown Sam’s Watch by a nurse that was taking care of me. I just want people to know the true dangers of what they are putting in their bodies.
— Jeremy, 24, Texas