Yet another

It was a trying day and at the end of it, in the dark, I walked my way to the the mail box… the place I only go once a week if at most, so as not to be reminded of reminders I still cannot yet deal with… Tonight, as I opened the mail box, there was but one small envelope.  I was relieved at it's small site… and then I picked up the envelope, turned it over and looked at the return address.  My heart sank.  I knew it was an even more trying day than I had known yet knew not why.

The envelope was not addressed to me, but to Nick, so once inside, I placed it under his eyes.  As I then watched, focused on his eyes, as he opened the envelope and then read, line by line what the handwritten note said, the tears fell behind my eyes as I only imagined what it said.  He smiled and was pleased with the words… I was relieved and glad he was happy with the mail's arrival.  He handed the notebook paper with handwriting to me and I waited to read it until I was alone.

Behind closed doors where no one could see, I read what Nick had handed me.  There was a picture of Nick attached.  Nick as a 5th grader.  The note was from “little Nick” sincerely.  It was dated May 26, 2010.  A time when all seemed right with the world.  Nick played chess then and won the weekly award of the “Hallowed Geode of Chess” in Mr. Wooten’s class.  His smile at such an awesome achievement was priceless.  

Today's mail letter came in Nick’s handwriting and said, writing from fifth grade, "that he raised the flag every day"… indeed he did with one of his then and now closest friends… It says he "liked Mr. Wooton"… of course he did, Mr. Wooten was his and Sam’s fifth grade teacher and a man among men… It said his "favorite subject was social studies" and he would be waiting for this note in seven years.  It arrived today…

I’m so glad for Nick.  Sam had Mr. Wooten as a teacher also… Sam did not get his letter in seven years… How do you smile and cry at the same time?  Just how?