In the weeks following the loss of Sam, his family and friends realized not only did they not know about NBOMe, but there is very little centralized information about the dangers that young people, parents and communities readily need regarding this drug and emerging synthetics.  To move this information into as many communities as possible, SAMs Watch was formed.

Our Mission

SAMs Watch shares the latest dangers of designer drugs to help explain the growing concerns of synthetic drugs across the nation.  As young people and adults alike, educating ourselves is the best way we can combat this threat to our youth and better prepare parents and the communities we live in to deal with this threat, which is what we aim to do.

Mother of NBOMe victim has message for all parents

Police, family, Feds hold candid conversation about designer drug dangers

What We've Achieved

SAMs Watch efforts are threefold:  1) Education as prevention is key, 2) Law enforcement as partners to synthetic drug dangers is essential and 3) Legislation for stiffer penalties for possessing or dealing synthetics which target teens is imperative.  That is how Sam’s family is moving forward in Sam’s memory in hopes it will save lives. 

  • Outreach via media outlets.
  • Awareness via community forums.
  • Educational initiatives via schools.
  • Gathering emerging information for dissemination via Saving Alert Messages.
  • Supporting law efforts

I don’t want another parent to learn the way I did. I know there are other athletes out there, academic honor students, other tenor sax players; I just want them to know it could happen to them as well and we have to prevent it.
— Jeanine Motsay, Sam's mother