You can make a difference. Sam's Watch, Inc. is a federally approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization to educate students, parents and communities as to the dangers of synthetic drugs.


Warrior TV Presents: A documentary submission to the 2015 Johnson County Student Film Festival. Produced By: Madison Dolen, Ashley Hamer, and Bailey Hamer, three Whiteland High School students who chose to make the video to spread awareness about synthetic drugs in memory of Sam Motsay, the 16-year-old Center Grove student who died Mother's Day 2014 the victim of a synthetic drug called 25i-NBOMe.

By WDAN/D102: Audio PSA on 16-year-old academic-honors athlete Sam Motsay who died Mother's Day 2014 the victim of a little-known synthetic drug called 25i-NBOMe targeted at teens. 


Your contribution allows us to collect and disseminate the ever evolving dangers of synthetic drugs to inform young people and parents.  We develop outreach and awareness projects with our partners seeking the most educational impact.

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Produced By: Mackenzie Elliott, a Kansas City High School student; includes interviews with law enforcement, a toxicology expert and Sam Motsay's mother, Jeanine.  This is my newest feature story. It is an in-depth, so that is why it is so long. This was such a broad topic with much to cover so there will actually be a longer feature coming soon. I hope you enjoy! Remember: think about the risk before you risk your life.  

Produced By Praxis Media Group. Jeanine Motsay lost her son Sam to a synthetic drug overdose from the drug NBOMe. Her family created SAMs Watch to share the latest dangers of designer drugs to help explain the growing concerns of synthetic drugs across the nation.

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Tell your friends and family about the threatening dangers of synthetic drugs to young people. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make a difference!

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East Central, IL:  Oakwood Grade School 6th graders surprise their school with a Red Ribbon Week inspired Flashmob!

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