2016 registration is now open:  The health observance takes place Monday, Jan. 25, through Sunday, Jan. 31. Indiana and Kentucky schools working with Sam’s Watch will receive assistance in: registration, poster campaigns, assemblies and parent meetings as well as communications and education.  Sam’s Watch is planning a school donation drawing again with Sam's Watch participants; to be eligible, schools must register via the Sam's Watch website and participate in National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week 2016.

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Sam's Watch teams with National Institute on Drug Abuse to boost National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week participation in Indiana and Kentucky schools

NIDA Winter 2015 Newsletter: Why I Participate

“National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week provides an opportunity for young people to get science-based information about drugs and their effect on the body,” said Jeanine Motsay, Sam’s mother and president of Sam’s Watch. “It will save lives.”

Produced By Praxis Media Group. Jeanine Motsay lost her son Sam to a synthetic drug overdose from the drug NBOMe. Her family created SAMs Watch to share the latest dangers of designer drugs to help explain the growing concerns of synthetic drugs across the nation. http://www.samswatch.org/

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Order free materials for National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week.

Special Report: Synthetic drugs in the heartland.  By Natalie Russell.  Uploaded by 14 News on 2015.08.20.

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For school monetary drawing guidelines, see Donation Info.