Dearly departed

The All Saints’ Day service at church I had always stoically attended to honor those dearly departed in the past year and in years past as well.  Remembering them in this special way was heartfelt to me.  This year though, I arrived late and tried to gather myself in the church pew with my son, Nick, ever at my side.  As I sat, there was no stopping the stream of tears from running down my cheeks; tears shed of unconditional love for a young man whose name the pastor said with such vigor at the time that those recently departed were named.  It was as though the vim by which his name was said further emphasized how the dearly departed had so assuredly entered the church triumphant.  My son did enter Heaven; that I do know for sure.  But the endless tears could not be dried at the thought of him in such a place of grandeur because my thoughts do not wane much from the unconditional love I feel for him; a love that has no boundaries, is not lost in time or removed by seeming distance.