Responding to the overdose crisis

Indiana is suffering from a severe overdose crisis that has taken hundreds of young people’s lives. Preventable tragedies will continue across the state if more is not done.

In response to this crisis, state Sen. Jim Merritt has introduced Aaron’s Law (SB 406). This critical legislation enables agencies to bring overdose prevention programs to communities and allows parents and other bystanders to intervene in overdose emergencies with naloxone, a lifesaving medicine that can immediately reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. SB 406 will leave the House this week and head back to the Senate.

Sen. Merritt assisted with amending this legislation with input from representatives of government agencies, non-profits, law enforcement, public health, medicine, addiction treatment, parents, families and community groups. After months of work, Aaron’s law, as amended by the House, is a strong bill which will save lives and encourage families to build needed partnerships with community stakeholders and health care professionals in the fight against addiction.

We applaud Sen. Merritt for hearing us, the parents of lives lost. We beg our fellow Hoosiers to to stand with us to save lives in Indiana

On behalf of the Parents of Aaron S., David M., Brett F., Sam M., Leland P., Jake M., Stuart S., Ryan B., Tommy F, Jarrod P., Manda S., Eric D., Lynsey P., Jake T., Robby A., Charles R., Dustin Y., Jennifer R., Marisa, Katie F., Mitch E., Loren F., Kevin D., and Chet T.

— Justin Phillips, Overdose Lifeline, Inc., Indianapolis