Sam’s Watch announces life-saving media series for schools as teens head off for spring break

Middle and high school students who will be headed off to spring break need to be aware of the dangers of synthetic drugs and Sam’s Watch is offering materials to their schools to be sure the kids are. 

Sam’s Watch is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching young people about the dangers of synthetic drugs. It was formed after Sam Motsay, a 16-year-old honors student-athlete, died on Mothers’ Day 2014 from using the synthetic drug 25i-NBOMe.

Sam’s Watch will provide an audio public service announcement, a series of videos including a documentary and free evidence-based drug-awareness materials to schools that request the resources. To receive the materials, a school representative should contact Sam’s Watch by phone at 888-575-1015, email at or online at  The one-minute PSA “Know Now” was designed as an audio-only medium to be used during a school’s regularly scheduled announcements or at hall passing time between classes. The five-minute video “Synthetic Drugs - Community Stops Drug Use” and a seven-minute video “Synthetic Drugs (Extended Edition)” were created by two Kansas City high school students with interviews from law enforcement, a toxicology expert and Sam Motsay’s mother, Jeanine.  The 15-minute documentary, called “The Power of Choice,” was created by three Indianapolis-area high school seniors who chose to make the video to spread awareness about synthetic drugs in memory of Sam. All three videos are for schools to choose from for student assemblies and class activities.  Sam’s Watch encourages schools to share the PSA, videos and documentary links with parents as well as their communities.

“Students on spring break – especially those who are traveling with friends - may be looking for ways to kick back and relax,” said Jeanine Motsay, Sam’s mother and president of Sam’s Watch. “They need to know that using synthetic drugs is not the way to have a good time. They need information to make wise decisions, and these materials will provide that awareness.”

Sam’s Watch also will connect schools with additional information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the federal agency that stimulates most of the world’s research on drug use and addiction.