Ind. mom fights for tougher synthetic drug laws

INDIANAPOLIS - A central Indiana mother is closer to reaching her goal in the fight against synthetic drugs, but she still faces one major hurdle.

Jeanine Motsay is a mother on a mission. She has called on state lawmakers in the House to approve legislation that would list specific substances that have been declared synthetic drugs. 

Motsay’s 16-year-old son Sam was found dead after using a synthetic drug known as N-bomb.

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The death of the student athlete last May prompted his family to push for legislation that would make it tougher to sell synthetic drugs in Indiana.

Motsay expects lawmakers in the House to help make it a law.

"I think this is an easy shot. I think it is easy to say let’s do it, because it’s that simple. It protects our young people, there’s no question about it,” Motsay said.

“We will continue because there will always be someone out there trying to evade the law. We need flexibility in the law and the pharmacy board can offer us that along with these transparent rules where everybody knows what is against the law,” said Sen. Jim Merritt, R-Indianapolis.

The bill sponsored by Merritt, Senate Bill 93 , passed the Senate unanimously on Tuesday, so it is now up to the House to vote on his plan.

Gov. Mike Pence declared Thursday as Participation Recognition Day to encourage parents, teens and schools to talk about drug awareness in honor of Sam Motsay.