Sam’s Watch to share on drug dangers threatening teens

45 Indiana schools to participate with Sam’s Watch in National Drug Facts Week  

INDIANAPOLIS — Jeanine Motsay, president of nonprofit Sam's Watch will speak at four events during National Drug Facts Week, which takes place Monday, Jan. 26, through Sunday, Feb. 1. Ms. Motsay will share information on drug dangers threatening young people in memory of her 16-year-old son Sam, who was killed by a little-known synthetic drug targeted at teens.

Sam’s Watch collaborated with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health, to encourage Indiana schools to participate in the drug facts week. Forty-five Indiana schools with more than 33,000 students plan to participate with Sam’s Watch in the 2015 National Drug Facts Week, up from only two schools that did so in 2014. The increase is the result of efforts by Sam’s Watch to encourage participation in the awareness campaign, which aims to get science-based information about drugs and their effects out to teens.  For a full list of schools participating with Sam’s Watch, go to

Wednesday, Jan. 28

2 p.m.: Student assembly, Greencastle High School, 711 S. Central St., 765-653-9771

6:30 p.m.: Parent meeting, Greencastle High School, 711 S. Central St., 765-653-9771

Thursday, Jan. 29

9:30 a.m.: SADD meeting, Carroll High School, 105 South 225 East, Flora, 574-967-4881

Friday, Jan. 30

11:30 a.m.: Student assembly, New Tech Institute, 1901 Lynch Road, Evansville, 812-435-0967