"Dangerous Synthetic Drugs Targeting Teens" WTWO, by Melissa Crash, September 25, 2014

A synthetic drug that's targeting teens, as a substitute for LSD, is becoming more popular, and it could be coming to your kids' school.

Now an Indiana mom, who lost her son to this drug, is making it her mission to warn parents and young people about 25INBOMe, also known as n-bomb.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, n-bomb is linked to deaths of at least 19 Americans ages 15 to 29.

This drug is packaged and distributed to target young people.

Jeanine Motsay's son, Sam, was an academics honor student, athlete, and was only 16 years old when he passed away on mother's day of this year.

After his death, his family realized there was little information regarding this drug.

His family formed a non profit organization called Sam's Watch to get information to as many people as possible.

Synthetic drugs are becoming more popular, such as k-2 and spice.

Motsay knows kids will make mistakes, but she believes with the right information they can save lives.

"Something may be illegal one day and the next day another version comes out that's a legal version. We want to get that information out there for parents and also for young people to be informed about what they may hear in peer discussion which is not something that they want to pursue," said Motsay.

This drug is like playing Russian Roulette, Sam and two friends used n-bomb, hoping to avoid detection in a random drug test at school, but one of them didn't wake up.