Designer Drug With Deadly Consequences Found In Central Ohio

A recent Central Ohio police report tells a frightening story of a 14-year-old girl who was hallucinating. 

She had to be restrained from jumping out of her parents’ second floor window. Police were able to get the scene and get her to the hospital.

The girl had taken a drug.

“It was actually sold as LSD (but) at this point, we really aren't sure,” said Eric Brown, Columbus Major Crimes Unit Commander.

There was no substance left for police to test.

Officers say there is a new designer drug that is like LSD that’s making its way into the state. It’s called 25I, 25B or 25C.

10TV’s Kristyn Hartman went to the BCI Lab in London where they were testing a sample.

Forensic scientist Jessica Toms says the people who make it dip the perforated blotter paper in a chemical compound. One square under the tongue delivers an LSD-like high.

“I would have said...another trip...yeah let's try it,” said Elizabeth Parker, recovering drug user.

Parker is in recovery at Maryhaven.  She did her share of psychedelics before the emergence of the 25 drugs.

“Everything glitters almost. It's almost like, it's surreal but real. Things don't look the same. Things are different shapes and colors.”

But Parker also had some “bad trips” which were filled with fear and paranoia on LSD. And, police say there can be even worse trips on the drug’s imitators.

“Stimulating effects that can lead to seizures, cardiac arrest, death,” said Jessica Toms, Ohio BCI Forensic Scientist.

A Texas mom knows. Lisa Thomas' son, Chandler tried 25I and went from healthy to the hospital.

“There's no way that's way,” said Lisa Thomas.

He died after seizures and a spiked body temperature - one victim in a growing toll.

The DEA tracks the impact of some 300 designer drugs across the United States, including 25I, 25B and 25C. It warns that you don't know the dose you might be taking.

“You don't know the lab environment in which they're manufactured in China,” said Rusty Payne, DEA Spokesman. “These are not things that were ever meant to be put in the human body”

Payne compares the drugs to poison, a substance where the first use can make your sick.

“You never know what you're getting; never know who made it, never know what's in it.  It's like playing Russian roulette every time you use that drug,” said Paul Coleman, Maryhaven President and CEO.