Australia to plead for UN help in dealing with the drug ice

AUSTRALIA will plead for action on the drug ice at a global conference this week.

Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash will urge this week's United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs conference in Vienna to come up with strategies to stop the trade, distribution and manufacture of synthetic drugs including methamphetamine.

Ms Nash said ice and other psychoactive substances are becoming a major issue for health authorities and police.

"When I talk to people around Australia, and regional people in particular, I hear terrible stories about the effect ice has had on the lives of users, their families and friends," she said.

"Ice carries a casual name but is a deadly drug - it devastates lives and families.

"This is an issue which has touched so many Australians and I'm determined to do all I can to tackle issues of drug abuse and stamp out use of drugs such as ice."