State Senator Introduces Legislation to Ban Synthetic Drugs

Last week, state Sen. Molly Kelly, D-Keene, introduced SB 106, which restricts the sale and possession of synthetic drugs. Following the Senate Commerce Committee public hearing on SB 106, Sen. Kelly released the following comments:

“The health and safety of the people of New Hampshire is a responsibility that we all take seriously and we must act when we are posed with a threat,” said Senator Kelly. “Synthetic drugs pose a serious and immediate danger to public safety, especially to young people, and SB 106 is an important step in eliminating these dangerous products.”

“This legislation is the result of a lot of hard work and has broad, bipartisan support. Last year before the study committee that recommended this legislation, we heard from many citizens about the dangerous effects of these drugs, the devastating consequences to their families and just how easy it was to access these synthetic drugs,” continued Sen. Kelly. “Working with our municipalities, police officers, the NH attorney general’s office, the Department of Safety, the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, New Futures, and many other stakeholders, we developed this important piece of legislation.”

Following the public hearing, the Senate Commerce Committee voted unanimously to support SB 106.

“I applaud the Senate Commerce Committee for their swift action on this legislation and I urge the entire Senate to move just as quickly so that we can begin to fight back against the scourge of synthetic drugs and protect the health of the people of New Hampshire.”