Enid police seize 55 bags of synthetic marijuana

ENID, Okla. — Enid Police Department narcotics detectives and officers served a search warrant Thursday at an Enid convenience store, seizing 55 bags of synthetic marijuana.

Officers executed the search warrant at Gas & Go, 713 S. Oakwood.

Narcotics Detective Zeke Frazee said police received several complaints the store was selling synthetic marijuana.

Frazee said when officers and detectives entered the store, they spoke with the store owner, 46-year-old Raed Najib, and advised him the reason for the search.

Frazee said upon conducting their search, detectives located 55 bags of purported synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as K-2, Spice or potpourri.

The products produce a marijuana-like, amphetamine-like or LSD-like high, but their adverse effects are powerful. Common side effects include hallucinations, seizures, extreme paranoia, nausea and dangerously accelerated heart rate.

He said that the purported synthetic marijuana was found under the register area in a bag out of the view from public.

“This is common because store owners often know that the synthetic marijuana they are selling is illegal,” Frazee said. "The chemicals in synthetic marijuana are very dangerous and are known to cause accelerated heart rates, seizures, paranoia and organ failure.

“Synthetic drugs are appealing to some who find it easier to evade local and state laws, but people don’t realize what they're ingesting or how much because synthetic drugs are often clandestinely made. People who make and sell these drugs don’t care about what happens to people.”