Synthetic drugs seized

MORE than $110,000 worth of synthetic cannabis was seized from Midland Club X, but police won’t know for another four months whether the products are an illegal strain.

Police seized the drugs during a search on Thursday.

Sergeant Tania Mackenzie said police had received tip-offs from parents whose adult children were using the drug.

She said parents were concerned about the synthetic drug’s health impacts.

Debate still shrouds the issue of synthetic cannabis in WA, as manufacturers exploit legal loopholes by making new, legal strains of the drug.

Sgt Mackenzie said the law needed to cover the whole gamut of products purporting to be synthetic cannabis.

“Each strand that comes up, they make that a prohibited drug so the manufacturers tend to always be one step ahead,” she said.

Police previously seized synthetic cannabis from Midland Club X in November, 2013.

Police said the owner believed he was acting within the law.

The Midland Reporter called Midland Club X but the manager declined to comment.