From the Desk Of: District 27 Attorney encourages us to make a difference in our communities

A common message around the District 27 District Attorney’s Office is that the work that we do makes a difference to the people and communities that we serve in these four counties. 

We begin the prosecution process when there is sufficient evidence to prove a crime was committed. We make decisions about what the appropriate sentence is for thousands of defendants every year based on the strength of the evidence (likelihood of proof beyond a reasonable doubt), severity of the offense, criminal background, impact on individual victims and the overall safety of the public. We present evidence to members of the community who serve as jurors. We do all this while ensuring that the Constitutional rights that we all have are not violated. It is a great responsibility and honor to do this work that allows us to make a difference and support the peace and public safety of those we serve. There is a characteristic of the communities that we serve that make it an even greater honor – people caring enough to make a difference in their communities.

In the last several years I have had the good fortune to work with people throughout these four counties that truly care about others. People that recognize issues that adversely affect those around them, and although it is not in their job description to tackle the issue, they do – because they care. As an example, four years ago few were aware of the availability and extreme dangers associated with what is commonly referred to as “K2,” “Synthetic Marijuana,” or “Syn.” As the laws were written it was difficult at best for the law enforcement community to tackle the problem. Now, laws have been amended to assist police and prosecution and the public is much more aware of the dangers of synthetic drugs. 

Why the progress? Because of individuals that live right here who learned of the issue, educated the public about the problem, gained the support of others in the community, and created a team of diverse individuals from different fields and backgrounds to take on the problem. I see similar efforts in the fight against prescription drug abuse, underage alcohol and tobacco use, child abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues, to name a few. 

It is an honor to be the District Attorney in District 27, where making a difference is a community effort.