Trio sentenced to prison for role in Frisco teen’s overdose death

A federal judge sentenced Kai Wen Tan to five years in prison Tuesday for distributing the designer drug that killed Frisco teen Montana Brown in December 2013.

“I’m profoundly sorry for what I have done,” Tan said in a federal courtroom in Sherman. He was wearing a striped uniform from Fannin County Jail, and his hands were shackled.

Two others, Stephanie King and Stephen Wagner, were sentenced to six months behind bars.

Wagner, who was 19 years old at the time of the crime, asked King if he knew someone who could get him mushrooms. He intended to share them with Montana and his brothers.

King told Wagner that Tan could sell him LSD, said the woman’s attorney, Donald Flanary III.

A judge said in court Tuesday that King took Wagner to get the drugs from Tan.

The drug that Tan sold to Wagner was not LSD but 25I-NBOMe, a synthetic drug that is more potent. Montana went into convulsions and died; his brothers and Wagner were hospitalized.

Wagner and King told the judge that they were sorry for what they did. King has a young son and is expecting another child in July. The judge granted the woman’s wish to begin her sentence before giving birth.