Operation Angry Bird yields 20 arrests so far


A three-month anti-drug operation in Baker County has landed more than two dozen people behind bars, the Baker County Sheriff's Office announced Monday

So far, 20 arrests have been made for drug possession and intent to sell. Six men are still wanted in connection with the investigation, which began Aug. 1 and ended Nov. 20. It was dubbed Operation Angry Bird, Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson said.

"It does make us feel good in the fact that Baker County will be safer," Dobson said of the operation's outcome. "This is a large number. Normally, I don't believe we have this many. They have been working tirelessly since Aug. 1. So, August, September, the month of October and we started picking them up last week."  

Three narcotics investigators -- Matt Yarborough, Clem Leo and Mike Hauge -- ran the operation, which involved 42 controlled drug buys. The drugs included cocaine, methamphetamine, crack, pills, marijuana and synthetic drugs.

The seven men still wanted on drug charges are Jeremy Rhoden, Telv Coleman, Rashaad Church, Shawn Thomas, Emanuel Lewis and Tyrone Holton.

"These are local people. We do know them. They will show up," Dobson said. "Either the deputies will find them or we will get calls from their family or friends saying, 'We know where this one's at or that one's at.' We will go find them."

The names of those arrested in the operation were:

  • Euneka Jefferson
  • Timothy Kenny Jr.
  • Alex Wilcox Jr.
  • Mark Belford
  • Edward Stewart
  • Joshua Thornton Jr.
  • Steven Keith
  • Mike Jones
  • Jeremy Stafford
  • Adrian Rogers
  • Brandon Ruise
  • Shannon Seaman
  • Kayla Blackburn
  • Brandon Wilkerson
  • Andrew Blandford
  • Kavohntae Hadley
  • Dillion Hartsfield
  • Pricilla Miller
  • Tabitha Wiggins
  • David Burnham Jr.