Fort Myers man says 25i killed his 22 year old nephew

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A new deadly drug known as "25i" is in Southwest Florida. A man says the drug killed his nephew in April.

"This destroys everyone's life," exclamined Kyle Conway in an interview. "It [hurts] everyone involved."

Only a picture can explain the true danger, it captures a vibrant 22-year-old with tubes in his mouth fighting for his life. The man in the hospital bed is Lance Sciberlich, Conway's nephew.

Conway says his nephew came down from Missouri to work for him on his food truck. One night, one drug changed it all. "My nephew was in cardiac arrest evidently from 25i. It sent him into seizures and caused him to pass of brain damage."

According to the Lee County Sheriff's report Sciberlich overdosed on 25i or "N-bomb". His family says he fell off his bike and smashed his head on the sidewalk. Deputies say he was foaming at the mouth.

"For two hits it costs $10," says Conway of what he was told by his stepson. "It cost a 22-year-old man's life. It's a shame and it's terrible."

Reports show Conway's stepson told deputies he and Sciberlich bought the drug in Fort Myers and took it.

Conway's stepson did not suffer any additional side effects from taking the drug but Sciberlich did. He was rushed to the hospital and died seven days later on Easter. It was the first time he tried 25i.

"It' is not just the young peoples' lives this is taking, it destroys everyone's lives around them," says Conway. "I haven't seen my wife or kids in over seven months because of this, it's partially my fault we got in a fight about it all. I would like to say sorry."

The dangerous drug also known as "smiles" is getting into the hands of young adults across Southwest Florida.

"A few of them have tried it," said SalusCare Program Director Steven Hill. "It's not super common in our area but it is something that is picking up in our area recently." He adds, "It's quite dangerous especially with almost nothing being known about it."

It can kill as quickly as the high kicks in. "I think it is time, we know it is here to stop hiding it," said Conway.

25i was created in 2003 as a research drug but has made its way to the streets, selling over the Internet.

If you believe somone you know took this drug and is having a dangerous reaction, experts say take them to the hospital. Be honest with the doctor, to find the drug in a person's system, a specific test must be run. Time could be the difference in life or death.

This is the second death in our area where families say 25i was involved. Last Thursday, Richie Gley of Cape Coral overdosed and died. His family says he was given the drug at a party. It had been hidden in a jello shot.