Sheriff: 6,289 Grams of Synthetic Marijuana Taken Off Houston County Streets

In only a matter of days, The Houston County Sheriff's Department has made two major Synthetic Marijuana drug busts.

Three people from Houston County were arrested for their allegedly involvements in each of the incidents.

On Friday, Peter Berry of Dothan was charged with trafficking Synthetic Marijuana. Deputies say they found over 40 bags of drugs as well as two handguns and $1,500.

Only days later, Latoya Garrett and Titus Franklin or Taylor were also arrested and charged with trafficking Synthetic Marijuana. They were allegedly found in possession of over 800 bags of the drug, a street value of $24,000.

"Looking at these packages other than a couple of them you really wouldn't think it would be anything to do with drugs. I think that is some of the intent from some of the ones that actually make the packages," explained Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza. "They make it available for the dealers to process and sell their products with."

Although three people are already facing charges for their involvement in the alleged incidents. Sheriff Valenza says more arrests may come soon.