How is Spice/K2 abuse still happening?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Another set of rules has been made in the hopes of banning synthetic drugs known as Spice and K2.

The Indiana Board of Pharmacy has banned three more synthetic compounds that make these drugs.

When you do a Google search for synthetic overdose you see endless reports across the country. One governor even declared a state of emergency due to the number of overdoses.

But if you need another reminder, K2 or Spice is, as one police sergeant puts it, nothing to mess with.

“There’s any list, any number of effects that can come of these. We know here locally we’ve had had some people overdose on them, have seizures, some them are on seizure medicine for the rest of their lives because they used this stuff,” said Stephen Lockard, Vigo County Drug Task Force.

Ground was made when it became illegal in 2011 but that didn’t stop drug manufacturers from finding a way around it

“You just take one chemical compound and you change the structure of it. Add something to this side or remove something from this side of the molecule and it changes the chemically completely,” Lockard said.

Making it technically legal but still not safe to ingest. So the Indiana Board of Pharmacy is fighting back, again

“Usually once or twice a year I think the legislature will identify some more chemicals that they’ve determined to be dangerous and they’ll add them to the list of schedule one substance which translates to there’s no legitimate use for those substances,” Lockard said.

Finding three more illegal chemicals is another step. All in hopes of the law staying ahead of the ones breaking it.

The new rule will be effective in the Indiana General Assembly 30 days after Wednesday’s (11/5/14) filing.