He could have killed anybody

Zachary Catron.jpeg

He killed my son. I was innocently watching a television show about nothing tonight. There begins a scene in a prison holding cell. The prisoner is wearing an orange shirt with matching orange elastic wasted pants and white socks with navy blue slip on shoes.

First it took my breath away. Then it took my mind somewhere I haven't wanted to be again. Zachary Catron wore that orange shirt and those orange pants that last day I saw him in court. He didn't wear those navy slip on shoes though. Instead, he wore plastic clogs that would be Crocs if I saw them on someone walking down the street rather than in a court room.

I recalled right away seeing him that he had a tear drop tattoo under his left eye. He had joined a gang at age 14 his criminal record showed. He cried while his mother, on the stand, talked of his children and his children's mother who had run off and now they would be left without a father if he served prison time. He was sentenced to 45 years.

When the District Attorney asked him if he knew Sam Motsay, he said he did not. He could have killed anybody. He killed my Sam. #muchlovetosam