Back in the day


Is it that the ending does not change, just the years, or is it truly we must have patience which leads to thoughts of back in the day?  Back in the day, going on five years ago, my son Nick told me we would see Sam again; we just needed to have patience.  Now Nick is a sophomore in college.  As Nick recalls back in the day, it was a time when he spent more time with his brother, Sam, who died of an overdose accidentally when he was 16 and Nick was 15.  Nick has struggled in so many ways that I am so amazed by him.  He has survived so much that he shows me how to survive.  Now, as a mental health therapist, having earned my Masters last year, Iā€™m in career 2.0.  I work with teen patients who are experiencing the grief that Nick has experienced.  Yes, we only need to have patience.

As a college sophomore, our family has experienced through Nick what we know we did not see Sam achieve.  Nick and what he has earned touches us deeply; he is much loved and will be, we pray, for our years to come.  Sam is loved much; forever in our hearts.  Yes, back in the day and with patience.  #muchlovetosam