Orange crayons


I’ve had two boyfriends with the same birth date.  What are the chances of that?

When Nick was in third grade and Sam in fourth, I picked them up the last day of school.  Nick came to the car carrying a half gallon zip lock bag full of crayons.  Upon closer inspection as he got in the car, they all appeared to be orange crayons.  As we drove away, my amused questioning began.  Nick quickly filled Sam and I in that he had collected orange crayons that year.  The year of his first male teacher, Mr. Blackburn, who Nick’s creativity had flourished under.  Sam and I laughed in our amusement and our love for the third grader, now fourth grader-to-be.  Yes.  Nick had an orange crayon collection from third grade.  We still have it today; in our memories and in a glass jar as collections should be stored.

I rode the Monon Trail in Indianapolis for the first time this weekend with my friend Chad.  We rode four miles to Carmel downtown.  There was an arts fair and plenty of activity as we winded our way to The Pint Room.  Chad asked for outdoor seating.  It was a beautiful night.  As our conversation flowed, I glanced down by Chad’s feet and saw an orange crayon.  Without conversation interruption, I asked him for the crayon and tucked it in my hand bag.

I’ve known about two occasions with the same color crayon now.  What are the chances of that?  #muchlovetosamandnick