Back in Time


I was at a stop light on Keystone Avenue.  For the brief time at a stop light, I was transcended to what it was like having a conversation with Sam, and then as quickly, to the moment I knew there would be no more conversations with Sam here on Earth and too way too soon, seeing his body preserved in a casket, and finally, a memory without him here on Earth.  All in one stop light.  As the light turned green, I pressed on the gas pedal slowly and contemplated what it must be like to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ultimately, a flash back.  I then thought of how those from wars and foreign missions reach out to those former comrades for like experiences.  I contemplated texting one of my “mom” friends, one of those who I identify so closely with that neither time nor distance tears apart from our closeness.

In the end, the light turned green and as I proceeded forward, I wiped the tears away that were falling down my face.  Love, I thought; nothing that time erases.  #muchlovetosam