Earth rewards


It’s been another rewarding day here on Earth.  To think that I could of missed it, frightens me.  To know that I was here, comforts me.  Doing mental health counseling in residency, for my patients, who cried real tears today, I hope I expressed to you that I understand and helped you in some way to heal.  As I hear you speak in counseling session, I realize I’m healed from the loss of a love for a child but that it is never really recoverable as you so eloquently show me.  For my son who walks this Earth, who inspires and shows me minute-by-minute, how much I mean to him, I’m thankful again today to have been there in some way for you… to love you.  

To tomorrow, I hope I rise to the challenges He has provided.  Until then, I know what true heartache means, I know what a struggle it is to live each day and I know the hope that He provides us because I experience it every day.  Every day. #muchlovetosam