No cover

To say life isn’t fair, doesn’t cover it.  My beautiful son, Sam, should be attending college at IU today but instead he died at sweet sixteen the victim of an unknown synthetic drug that was sold to him and two friends who unknowingly took it thinking it was LSD and it was my sweet Sam, that died overnight from poison.  

To say that right now is the first time that I’ve cried today for my loss of Sam, doesn’t cover it. I’ve cried several times today and it’s been over two years.  The loss of a child does not leave you now.

To say that I’m the only one experiencing the loss of Sam, in no way covers it.  Even those who may not have known Sam personally have experienced something by his loss if they’ve touched me or his family and friends in any way.

My mom was here recently.  She loves catering to Nick when she is here and he correspondingly knows this as well.  He text her with today’s modern communication which “grandma” is more than up on and asked that she bring donuts to school for one of his Friday classes.  She, upon receiving the text, at our home, was on it.  She planned what time to stop by Dunkin’ Donuts, a Sam favorite, and what type and how many donuts she would purchase and get to the high school by Nick’s need-it-by-time, and off she was.

When my mom returned instead of the look of accomplishment I expected on her face, she said that she had stopped by Sam’s stone on the way back and there someone had left a 2016 graduation tassel, in Sam’s favorite red along with white.  She tried to stifle but could not, cries, as she told me what she had seen and I cried in response… cries of love… To the friend that left the tassel, Sam loves you… To those of us left behind in Sam’s love, God’s peace.  #muchlovetosam