Labor of love

The day he came into this world, I woke up to a regular work day on June 26, 1997.  I took a shower and got ready for the work day and it was before I left the house that my water broke.  I called Sam’s dad and told him, which at first was of no increased sense of urgency, but then after he repeated what I said, he said, “Oh, okay, I’ll be right there.”  When Sam’s dad arrived back home, off to Noblesville’s Riverview Hospital we went.  It was early morning when we checked in and I intended to go without medication as one of those mothers who could brave it through labor without.  Then as the intense pain continued after showers and endless laps of the delivery ward I caved to have an epideral.  That did not even help the pain that continued until 11:26 that evening when Samuel Xavier Motsay at 7 pounds, 11 ounces arrived into this world.  In the process of the difficult delivery, Sam suffered what his dad so lovingly called a “broken wing” as he had a break above his left elbow and below his left shoulder.  He was not only swaddled but in bandages to hold his left arm in a stable position.  Amazingly, after two weeks, his “broken wing” was completely healed… the miracles of babies.  

That was Sam’s entry into this world and I never anticipated being able to tell of Sam’s exit of this world, much less any thought that I would be here for both.  Sam had a “broken wing” and I now have a “broken heart.”  Some wounds do miraculously heal like Sam’s but as for mine, the tears started hours ago as the clock hour moves closer to the time that Sam left this Earth two years ago.

I know he touched many and that day he came into the world he touched me like I never ever imagined was even possible. I can still see my mom there staying with us and holding, soothing him to sleep in the early days of coming home from the hospital as he had colic.  She was a Godsend.  She now soothes our family as well.  I don’t know where Sam’s story ends.  In my heart, it did not end with his death because I as well as many others carry him with them today.  We are blessed.  #muchlovetosam