Happy St. Patty's, Claw Man

Enjoying the claw game machine, Sam picked up this plush Leprechaun as one of many prizes.  The claw game was first a pastime while waiting for his next AAU basketball game during weekend tournaments and then later for times of pure enjoyment like carnivals and fairs or passing time until food was served at Buffalo Wild Wings (B-Dubs); just enjoyment like t’weens and then teens have.  The best claw game prize though came from playing at Craig’s Cruisers, the fun place where fun never ends; it was a somewhat regular expedition for Sam and Nick and their dad to go there in Michigan.  It was there, at the fun place, that Sam played the claw game and won the latest PlayStation console.  

Because Sam and Nick already had their fill of PlayStation consoles by that time, Sam thought he would try to sell the PlayStation console on Craigslist.  I remember helping him with the wording for the Craigslist post and we considered how to price to sell and made the posting but with no luck for a sale after two days, Sam could wait no more and had the idea for making a trade of the console at the neighborhood Game Stop.  So off we went and after we got there and with some more talking, Sam left with the prize he truly wanted, the handheld PS Vita.  This St. Patrick's Day the Vita sits, with no game sounds, in Sam's room, in his left desk drawer, waiting to be taken out and for the next game to be played.  

Unluckily, in the morning, St. Patrick’s Day will be over and I’ll put the plush Leprechaun and the memories it generates away.  Then I’ll head over to my appointment with the director at the funeral home.  My thoughts will painfully shift to etching considerations for Sam’s gravestone; that's unimaginable. #muchlovetosam