To Sam, from your friend and fellow athlete

Dear Sam,

This letter should of never been written.  The countless tears should of never been shed.  The only thing that should of happened is that you should of celebrated your wonderful mother on that Mothers' Day.  

If we would of known what we were getting into, you would still be here.  You see we had no idea what we were doing and were trying to get around a system in a way we had seen so many of our peers do.  You once said to me you chose to try this so you wouldn't fail a drug test because that would ruin your life.  

It took the life of a straight A honor roll student who would of done anything for anyone and was truly one of the nicest people I have ever met.  I wish I could go back and tell you it wasn't worth it.  I wish we could have you back.  But you saved many others from the same fate.  I know you would be fine with that knowing the kind of unselfish person you are.  

I was truly blessed to have known you and been your friend.  Love and miss you Sam.