What would Wonder Woman do?

When I arrived at the Sam’s Watch office this morning, a reindeer gift bag awaited me on the office door handle.  As I unlocked the door and hurried into the office to see what was inside the gift bag, I tripped over a UPS box that had at sometime recently arrived.  Papers flew as I sprung to my desk to tear into the paper wrap to get to what was underneath.  What I found in all its proper heroic colors and glittering glory was a “Wonder Woman” mug.  I smiled instantly.  Reading the card inside, this “Wonder Woman” mug is to go with my “M” for “Made-It” mug; I was even further amused.  I sat back in my office chair holding the mug and contemplated what Wonder Woman would do walking in my now worn shoes; what would she do differently and how would she manage each day?  Thank you to the wonderful young lady that left it for me; I’m so thankful…  You helped this “wonder woman” with the mug I now have, to get off to a better Monday than I had imagined when I was pulling back the covers getting my feet to move one in front of the other.  My first cup of coffee this morning was even sweeter in Wonder Woman style.